Collective strength. Seasoned practitioners.

We have developed effective business relationships with select research, marketing, design, branding and management consultants to better serve our clients.

Our partners are engaged on an as-needed basis, based on project scope, style and requirements.

The strength of this partnership is summarized by the award-winning storytelling. Based in Kelowna, BC, is a well-respected and innovative partner specializing in radio and TV commercials, social media direction and content development, web audio and web text/content, directing and voicing with voice talent in Canada, USA, Australia, Ireland and the UK. They develop award winning advertising campaigns through detailed market assessment, management and production.

Strategic Research Associates specializes in conducting qualitative and quantitative research within hard to reach market segments. Based in Spokane, Washington, they assist clients with recruiting, hosting, research development, analysis and moderation in markets throughout the United States. Each research project is custom, and designed to meet specific ongoing business intelligence needs. With two full service focus group facilities, one in Spokane serving Eastern Washington and the other in Federal Way serving Western Washington, they facilitate both regional and statewide research projects.

As a management-consulting firm, 501 Consultants has been focused on serving the needs of non-profit organizations since 1994. Shaped by over 30 years experience working with board members, committees, associations, and organizations, they provide a range of services including strategic planning, governance, fiscal analysis, budgeting, board training, grants, policy development and troubleshooting; to assist in facilitating an organization’s mission, goals and work plan.

Fujisan Marketing is a mid-sized agency with focus and expertise in navigating the varied terrain of Digital Marketing Strategy, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Landing Page Testing. Their approach is rooted in creating the right digital marketing campaign, through skillful planning and execution, where each path and preparation will determine long-term success.    

Ringsrud Creative is a multi-disciplinary design studio located in Washington State. With clients ranging from multinational corporations to small businesses, they are passionate about working with organizations that provide a solid value, are driven by improvement and motivated by more than the bottom line. Areas of specialty involve industrial design, branding, web, UI, packaging and product development.

North 40 Productions is a creative digital film and media production house based in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Their approach is to uncover the “Why”, helping them to effectively define each client’s motivation, and fulfill the message objective – all while captivating viewers. With local, regional and national clients, they are driven to bring positive change to the way humans relate to the world through the creation of award-winning stories and films.

Bantam is a full-service design firm committed to meaningful corporate communication and high visual standards. Design expertise, knowledge of multiple industries, and familiarity with a broad range of printing and production techniques allows Bantam to deliver insightful, relevant and well-executed work to discerning clients of all sizes. Bantam specializes in brand identity, copywriting and content development, consumer packaging, environment/trade show design, custom photography, and distinctive printed communications.

Independently owned and operated, Carl Patterson Design is a multidisciplinary creative-design partner providing services such as creative direction, identity and web development, social media marketing, public relations, SEO, media buying, management and administration. Carl’s work ethic combined with his drive to build connections between clients and their consumers provides a canopy for collaborative success.

Awdience is a forward thinking graphic design company specializing in logos, print, website, photography and letterpress with clients ranging from start ups and small businesses. Founded in early 2009, as a husband and wife team, Elena leads print and packaging design while Aaron is the head of web, social, photography and all things interactive. Working in a variety of industries, Awdience creates strong visuals to communicate a meaningful message.