Brand is not your logo.

Often the initial point of contact, your logo is not your brand. Nor is your advertising message.

Your brand is who you are, and why you do it. Your logo is a visual tactic. Often misunderstood, many businesses think that advertising is the brand – This is wrong. Advertising is the delivery system for your brand. If done well, your logo loops back to why you exist and distinctly represents your core principles, distinguishing you from your competition.

Similar to any marketing tactic, your logo and advertising message is either considered on-brand or not.

Brand answers, "Why?"

“Why” is what makes us think. It provides context to questions about everything we believe, think and do. Asking why leads to connections we have with products, services and each other. This defines Brand.

The power to understand why builds a bridge from where you are to where you are going.

As an organization, "Why do you exist?" A seemingly obvious question. But does everyone in your organization agree? Do key leadership and personnel understand? Do they rally around the one-big-idea that defines your primary goals? And what does all this mean to your customers and supporters? These are essential questions for enhancing success. Our purpose is to clarify the answers.